Jack Kirby’s GALACTUS – As Portrayed by Vince Colletta and Joe Sinnott

Here’s a comparison showing how two different inkers approach the same subject. GALACTUS is a character that first appeared in Marvel’s Fantastic Four series.

Jack Kirby's Galactus inked by Vince Colletta

Jack Kirby's Galactus inked by Joe SinnottVinnie’s version goes beyond maintaining the force of the Kirby Krackle. Colletta made the artwork sizzle! By using various graphic and illustrative techniques, he brought Galactus alive, he’s coming toward you and behind him, the reader can almost hear the mayhem and the energy from its thunderous explosions.

The Sinnott version is also excellent. It maintains a graphic Kirbyesque look throughout. Although the inking is beautifully detailed, the page is much more static than the Colletta rendering. Galactus is just as menacing but his appearance is decidedly less lifelike. Nevertheless, it is forceful inking.

These examples represent the apogee of comic book art. From the creative mind of Jack Kirby to the interpretations by the artists chosen to bring forth the power of Galactus, Vince Colletta and Joe Sinnott.

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